About Me

Like many children, I casually drew in kindergarden or school, but I seriously started drawing when I was about 10 years old. About that time I discovered YouTube for the first time, along with animations and speedpaints, which greatly inspired me.
I got really into drawing horses,cats and anime, which are still influencing my art today. Of course I faced the same struggles as many other young artists – People trying to talk me out of art, discouraging me and such. But I didn’t give up. Here I am 🙂

Today I am concentrating on improving and using my skills to the fullest. I am sketching daily and like to try out as many things as possible. Visiting some art classes also helped me a lot!

I already know, that I would like to do something artsy in the future, though I am not sure what to do exactly yet. We’ll see what comes next!